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The track operates as a conceptual lab that creates a body of work that is original and inquiring.The aim is to expand the boundaries of the field and take an active part in formulating contemporary culture, while emphasizing the connection between the designer and the society in which he/she creates.
Creative research that characterizes the track, strives for the development of independent, experimental and unique work methodologies. It is a research action that engages the students with diverse materials, technologies and work processes and pushes for the creation of new contexts, experiences and narratives. During the studies the students examine the social, cultural and ethical meanings of objects and practices of designing objects. They analyze and critique contemporary culture and offer new ways of thinking based on research findings. They experience critical thinking, studio work, setting up an exhibition, collaborations, smart materials and work with scientists.

Collaboration in the track
Ongoing collaboration with the Institute of Chemistry and the Center for Nanotechnology at the Hebrew University developing new materials.
BauNow - Collaboration with Anhalt University (Germany) exploring new meanings of the Bauhaus movement on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
 Designtist Lab - Collaboration with research and development bodies such as GM, Weizmann Institute and Microsoft


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Experimental Design
אודות עיצוב

The Experimental Design track is a unique framework that prepares designers to integrate into the world of local and international design and to have an active and productive studio.

Greeting from the Head of the track, Tal Mor sinai

Dear graduates, it's been a pleasure to accompany and observe the development of this site, that  allows for the first time a wide examination of your fields of knowledge as creators. The variety of project topics is impressive and represents the direction that the design world is taking in this complex time and age in history. This allows the possibility of design to be a significant tool for change that refers to urgent and complex problems in our society, economy, education and environment. It raises important questions on the role of design in the israeli culture.

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Rock Migration

Nimrod Azulay


Noa Ilan

Scars Library

Naama ben-zur shprinz

On the face of the earth

Anat Glazer

Botanic Gene

Marva mor

Independent glaze

Yousef Rajabi

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